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Get tickets to see Gavin at AT&T Summer Krush!

Get tickets to see Gavin at AT&T Summer Krush!

Posted 7/24/2008 by IGA
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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Gavin Rossdale Mentors the Idols

Sebastian Pigott - Lucille

Mookie Morris - Ophelia

Mitch Macdonald - Oh, Atlanta

Mark Day - Stay

Earl Stevenson - Two

Drew Wright - Sunday Morning

Amberly Thiessen - The Way I Am

Theo Tams - Weak In The Knees

Gavin Rossdale has new solo CD

By -- Sun Media
When Gavin Rossdale's band Bush finally called it a day years ago, the singer was at a crossroads of sorts.

The musician, perhaps better known these days as the husband to No Doubt and solo pop star Gwen Stefani, opted to start another band called Institute after Bush disbanded.

But Rossdale doesn't have fond memories of that particular experience.

"It's a shame because there were so many songs on that band's record," Rossdale says from a promotional stop in Toronto. "That's the closest I've been to a prostitute."

Fortunately, Rossdale has put that group behind him and is back with a new solo album WANDERlust.

The album came out last month but was ready roughly eight months ago.

"There's always such a delay and it's a slow process moving the machine," he says.

"That's just the turnaround, the monolithic way of record labels. I kind of have a stupid faith in them."


Rossdale, 42, says he found it difficult becoming a solo act after being in Bush for so long.

"I don't really like it when people go solo," he says. "I'm a natural band person. (Guitarist) Thurston Moore out of Sonic Youth is weird. And yet I was forced to do it. If you want to keep making music and you feel an affinity for singing, writing and playing, you have to do what you do."

The album, produced by Bob Rock, includes songs such as Forever May You Run as well as Can't Stop the World, the latter featuring Stefani.

"She helped me write that song," Rossdale says. "I hear what she does but I like keeping stuff away (from her) and just throwing it on in the car and saying, 'What?' So this one came up and she wanted to sing on it. And any husband knows you don't step in the way of your wife. I wasn't going to do that."

Rossdale also wasn't going to wait around before hitting the road in support of his new album.

While he's already played a few European festivals, he says the connection with longtime fans has been rewarding.

"I've met many people who are not psychotic, that's too strong, but they have such a sense of relief that I'm playing again and what it means to them," he says. "And it's so beautiful.

"It takes a lot to figure out what to do after a big band. People don't prepare you for that ascendency but they also don't prepare you for that descent. At least with the ascendency you've got fake friends. But on the way down it's like, 'Wow!'"

And while Rossdale will spend part of the year on tour, he's also making a Canadian television appearance tonight as part of the Canadian Idol competition.

Rossdale says that much like Queen's Roger Taylor and Brian May last year, he was a bit hesitant about accepting the offer to help the remaining contestants.

"It's a bit of a weird one but I just thought that it was something that would be disgruntling about turning it down, something about being stuck in the past," he says. "I think they're all innocent, they're all musicians and they just want to sing well. That was refreshing because I was a bit concerned they'd be more worried about the consequences of selling records like celebrity and fame."

Idols say working with Gavin Rossdale was invaluable

Gavin Rossdale watches the Top 8 Performance Show from the audience.

Sheri Block,

Working with Gavin Rossdale, former frontman for 90s post-grunge rock band Bush, was an invaluable experience, according to Canadian Idol's Top 8.

Theo Tams from Lethbridge, Alta., said he has always looked up to the rocker and was told by Rossdale in his mentoring workshop he should find the heart and passion in the music.

Tams sang "Weak in the Knees" by Serena Ryder and credits Rossdale for the

moving performance.

"My performance would not have been the same if I did not meet him. He was the first who really just drove that to dig harder, to dig deeper, to look further, just find something and get to that point where you're so vulnerable with the song and it was so cool, it was awesome," said Tams, following the Top 8 Performance Show.

Amberly Thiessen from Seven Persons, Alta., said meeting Rossdale was really good reassurance she's making the right song choices and goals in the competition. She performed "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson.

"To have someone like him, who's been in this industry for so long, to confirm that for me, it was a really good experience and there's so much to learn from him, too. His advice on maintain the passion and just always striving to be the best you can be and try and beat your other record. His advice and his reassurance is just something you can't pay for, it was amazing," said Thiessen.

Mark Day from Portugal Cove-St.Philips, Nfld., wasn't sure how he and Rossdale would get along because their musical styles are so different but Day said it went great and they ended up cracking jokes and having a really good time.

"He told me to sing every line of the song as if it's the only line of the song," said Day, who performed "Stay" by Sugarland.

"I think it (helped) for sure. I was originally going to sit down on a stool at the beginning and sing but he said to me the emotion of the song almost requires you to stand because you're pleading and no one pleads sitting down."

Mitch MacDonald from Port Hood, N.S., said it was "cool as hell" to meet Rossdale and he was impressed how down to earth he was.

"One of the coolest things he said was when you're going out to perform (think about) if the world was going to end unless you let people know what you have to say, so that just shows how much he pours into a performance you know what I mean?" said MacDonald, who sang "Oh Atlanta" by Alison Krauss.

Sebastian Pigott from Toronto, Ont., was told by Rossdale sometimes you have to lose the mask of showmanship to show honesty. Pigott, who performed "Lucille" by Little Richard, thought this was great advice and said it was such an honour to meet him.

"I grew up on his music. I remember being about 12 when 'Glycerine' was coming out and everybody in my school going nuts for it and the girl I liked listened to that constantly. She wanted him more than she wanted me," said Pigott with a laugh. "And now I know why. He was really awesome, really sweet and humble and sincere ... you could tell he really wanted to speak to us as artists."

Earl Stevenson from Lloydminster, Alta., thought Rossdale was a cool guy and the advice he got was to remember that the emotion was the most important part and the good parts of music never go away.

"Yeah it was good words of wisdom," said Stevenson, who sang "Two" by Ryan Adams.

Mookie Morris from Toronto, Ont., said Rossdale told him to make a journey outside of the song and to think about the dynamics.

"Yeah I think it definitely helped me. He was also just a great motivator," said Morris, who performed "Ophelia" by The Band.

Drew Wright from Collingwood, Ont., said it was a great experience meeting Rossdale and the advice he got was to step out on his own a little bit. Wright put that to use while performing "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5.

"I think it did help. I tried to be a little bit more dynamic than I was before and I think it's something I can work on to try to improve every week," said Wright.

Gavin Rossdale Performs Love Remains The Same on Canadian Idol

Monday, 28 July 2008

Gavin Rossdale mentors Idols on heels of new solo album

Sheri Block,

As someone who brought whole stadiums to their feet with anthems such as "Machine Head" and "Swallowed" in the post-grunge era of the 90s and early 2000s, former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale knows a thing or two about rock music.

But the British-born performer, who just released his first solo album Wanderlust, is also no stranger to acoustic performances and stopped by Canadian Idol to help the Top 8 show their vulnerable side during 'Unplugged' week.

Rossdale was really pleased to see that the show was music-driven, with seven out of the eight competitors who have written their own material.

"I didn't know what to expect. I love going into things and not knowing anything about what the hell is going on," said Rossdale with a laugh, shortly after his mentoring session with the Idols.

"I really enjoyed it because I felt for all of them and I really enjoyed being non-judgmental. I understand the plight they're in and I like the fact that they all seem to really care about what they're doing and what they're singing."

Rossdale listened to each competitor perform their song the day before the Top 8 Performance Show and offered his advice on what they were doing right and how they could make it even better.

"I think it's really trying to just allow them to understand they've done really good to get to this point and it's not about pushing too much, trying too hard is the worst thing. It's really about revealing. This whole process is not about dressing up or putting on a mask, it's about taking a mask off. It's showing us their vulnerabilities, it's showing us their insecurities because that's what's appealing," said Rossdale.

With so many ways of breaking into the music business, Rossdale said he couldn't discount the reality television route.

"Do I think it's the perfect way to break in? I think there's a longer slower more painful, lonelier road to do without a big TV show because you can see the power nowadays and it kind of dates you to discredit (that)," said Rossdale.

"I think whether or not you come out on a major label or an independent record label or even this kind of a show, you've just got to concentrate on being good. If you're good, everything else falls away."

Rossdale follows his Wanderlust

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who grew up in the 90s who didn't know the words to songs like "Glycerine," "Everything's Zen" or "Machine Head."

Bush was a defining act of the generation and received massive world-wide acclaim and success with 1994's "Sixteen Stone," 1996's "Razorblade Suitcase," 1999's "The Science of Things" and 2001's "Golden State."

The band disbanded in 2003 and lead singer Rossdale went on to release an album under the band name Institute in 2005 - something he now thinks he should've released under his own name because it's hard to start up a new band after being in such a huge one.

Fast forward a couple years and Rossdale started getting the itch to record something else as the title Wanderlust implies. He said a lot of people have commented on how glad they are he's back making music, to which he replies, "But I never left."

"That's my journey, you know we're all on journeys so it's been painful but I think that pain is good and that when people realize that I've been in the ocean, I just fell over the wave, but I was still in the ocean and now I found a way back up and now I'm just sort of coasting and there's a million miles to go but I'm definitely moving in the right direction," said Rossdale.

He has also had to deal with the implications of being in a celebrity couple and how to keep the focus on his music and not his personal life. Rossdale is married to Gwen Stefani and the two have a son named Kingston, with another on the way.

Making a new record has been an enjoyable thing for Rossdale, especially since he was able to work with a variety of musicians on the album, something you can't often do when you're in a band.

"It just freed me up and allowed me to make that kind of a record and just go every day to the studio. It was inspiring but I made it with a good Canadian."

This good Canadian is, of course, famed music producer Bob Rock, who is best known for his work with Metallica.

Rossdale said he has quite a clear aesthetic himself and Rock helped exactly where he needed him to.

"I didn't want my hand held the whole time, but at certain times I really wanted some great input and he had some really good creative ideas and suggestions and so it was really pretty ideal production from him."

Rossdale said the response to Wanderlust has been phenomenal and the record has seen a steady growth since its release in June.

"I know it will never reach the scales of where I went with Bush, but there's something similar about this slow burn. There's something powerful about it and before you realizing it you're lighting tons of fires," said Rossdale.

And with a new baby expected to arrive in August, it looks like things are exactly how Rossdale wants them to be.

But what happens if Gwen goes into labour while he's here performing on the Canadian Idol stage?

"I'll sing a song for him," said Rossdale with a smile.
Friday, 25 July 2008

Gavin To Appear On Canadian Idol Next Week!

Posted 7/25/2008 by IGA
Attention Canadian Gavin fans! Gavin Rossdale will coach the Top 8 finalists of Canadian Idol on acoustic performances in preparation for the series’ annual “Unplugged” episode, airing Monday, July 28 at 9 p.m. ET. On Tuesday, July 29 at 8 p.m. ET, Rossdale will perform "Love Remains the Same", live on the Idol stage during the Top 8 Results Episode (visit to confirm local broadcast
Saturday, 19 July 2008

Musician Gavin Rossdale performs at the opening of Wasted Space Rock Club Grand Opening At The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas on July 19, 2008

Wasted Space inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino officially opened its doors last night (7.19.08) giving Las Vegas a taste of the true rockstar lifestyle. Guests were treated to a special acoustic set from Gavin Rossdale and all-star rock band Camp Freddy. Guests included: co-owner Carey Hart; managing partner Cory McCormack; club partner Benji Madden of Good Charlotte; with girlfriend Paris Hilton; Billy Morrison, Dave Navarro, Donovan Leitch and Matt Sorum of Camp Freddy; Brendan Urie of Panic of the Disco; singer Everlast; Gavin Rossdale; Jon Dolmayan of System of a Down; singer Mandy Moore; Royston Langdon of the former music group Spacehog and recent Liv Tyler ex; Maynard James Keenan of Tool; Shayne Lamas, bombshell from 'The Bachelor'; reality show heartthrob Brody Jenner; actor Stephen Baldwin; rapper Ice-T and wife Coco; boxer Mike Tyson; Joshua Lebar of Entourage; actress Jennifer Tilly; Billy Duffy of The Cult, Miss Nevada Veronica Grabowski and more.
Mandy Moore was spotted hanging out at a nearby table with Lorenzo Fertitta and Mike Tyson was seen stopping by to say hello. Mandy was also spotted later chatting and laughing with Brody. A couple tables over, Benji and Paris were inseparable with one another. Posing for photos with admiring fans. During Camp Freddy's performance Paris stood up on the booth and showed off her moves. Both Brody and Carey joined their table as the night progressed. The sexy staff of Wasted Space buzzed around the space all night as the party continued into the early morning hours. The superstar grand opening at Wasted Space was the hottest spot in Sin City.

In photos: 'Gavin Rossdale in Concert at The Joint'

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